This style of clothing is very special for women, in some countries are known as shorts and other names. The truth is that nowadays are being created by the designers of the world.


Today we present you this new idea of special clothing for women: shorts, combined with different designs that will make you look with a different image. This idea of shorts is very old, but has been rebounding in gateways recently famous, because it is a costume especially for summer.

The shorts are comfortable, sexy and elegant, many people are of the opinion that this type of clothing is especially for summer and for informal meetings, but there are many designers who think otherwise and recommend it for a party or an informal event, even in winter, combined with tights or stockings fantasy.

Note that this is a garment that is never out of fashion, because any time is good to use, even in cold weather as we have said. Different designers have created several styles of shorts for women to decide which is best for them according to their shape or style or taste.

There are the shorts tight and loose, the latter being the most commonly used by women as they benefit any type of body. With a special combination of shoes and other accessories you can see super elegant. Much fashionable are the high-waist shorts, which are characterized by attract the eyes and highlight the female figure, as well as the legs.

Use shorts for some women is little formal, but it might be something formal and elegant, depending on the occasion and the style of short that you decide to use.

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