Special Hairstyles for long faces

If your face is long and not know what hairstyle or haircut is for you. Do not worry because you will know that cutting is ideal for you.

long faces hairstyles

You should know that long face is one that may have narrow cheekbones or have dimensions that make the face look long and thin. Long face hair cuts need to give volume and movement to the sides to give a wider appearance; this is achieved with layered cuts and hairstyles with tips outward.

Haircuts for long face can be a lowered below the chin, but not reach the shoulders and with a generous fringe that visually shorten the factions.

The rollers, curls and waves are the most flattering when you have a long and thin face, all cuts and hairstyles with volume and movement are indicated for this type of face.

It doesn’t look good to a longer face the hair very short or long and straight hair since both will produce an effect contrary to be seeking.

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