If a star garment ideal for this time of year, this is the faux fur coat. This faux fur coat is a must in our wardrobe for the cold month. If you are thinking of renovating coat this season, opt by the faux fur coat.

wear faux fur coats

There are no celebrities that do not have a faux fur coat. It is an overcoat that shelters even during the coldest months, it is versatile and with a certain air seventies. And it was precisely in the 70s when rock stars started to wear coats of hair – at the time of natural hair – due to the trend of those times. Now awareness for animal rights has made more and more brands and celebrities choose to wear faux fur coats, coats with faux fur on the street.

The faux fur coat is a garment that as long that it has positioned itself as the fabric of the season. There are many fashion brands present their versions of this coat of synthetic hair, such as Mango and Zara. In Mango you can find it for €99.99 and a pattern of animal print, while Zara bet on the classic black faux fur coat that can be yours for €59.95.

Furthermore, this synthetic hair coat is most versatile. You can wear it with skinny jeans, a long dress or even with a bell pants for a total look of seventies.

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