Star turn: Raffia hats

Sometimes, when we want to build a fashion look about what we’re going to put on a certain day, although the garments are very simple and comfortable, accessories make the difference. Having the ideal complement will always wonderful when we go out into the street, and we are against the order of street style that belongs to us. Therefore, in this case our main star becomes a piece that leaves no one indifferent to the uses and made ​​a sharer in look, especially for those who see it in others. We refer, of course, Raffia hats.

raffia hats

Beyond a time when we go to the beach or are sitting in a vacation paradise, wear a raffia hat can be the ideal companion whatever the occasion, especially if we take into account that it is necessary to take advantage of everything that remind us that it is still summer and good weather is on our side. Therefore, this star piece will become a look without more in a sophisticated outfit already the last. How can we combine it to be victorious?

For starters, we have the option of little white dress, which will be perfect when combined with this kind of hat. In addition if we take 100% flat sandals or summer wedges with good height, we are the most trendiest.

On the other hand, we can always bet on our favorite jeans and a beautiful vaporous shirt in white color. The fact that the rest of the clothes are basic will make the hat to highlight more. In another order of things, we can also think of a skirt or dress up to the foot of a dark color. The hat will make a difference.

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