Star Turn: Birkenstock Sandals

There is no possible way to point in this type of fashion: either love, or simply hate it. That is, kind of shoes that many women are dying to be worn, and that others will not buy even under torture. In defense, can be said that these typical foreigner slippers that if we put have ever been put them we have ever been camping makes million years, now have turned into the whole must, especially those who are born under the protection of Birkenstock.

birkenstock sandals

But, how can you explain that celebrities, bloggers, and street style from all the cities have worn sandals as such this summer with other trends? Skirts, pants, dresses … all in true summer style, and foot, a Birkenstock. If you’ve fallen for them and want to know how to leverage them to finish just before fall arrives and we have to keep the summer footwear, we give you the keys.

For starters, think always go quite comfortable, and much to be trend, not without the casual point that we would have to use some heels. Therefore, it is necessary that sophisticated point to come on the other hand. Commitment to full skirts, midi components, long dresses, skinny pants of pretty colors, prints, vaporous blouses…and all of this combined with sandals.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to always combine our pedicure with them, as it will be to get in shape also that unforgettable elegant point. It certainly is a main star of the most surprising; it has become part of our wardrobe in the most unexpected way.

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