Stay in shorts: 1 garment and three looks!

Shorts, this mini shorts that challenges us to look legs and reinvents itself every summer, it is the protagonist of today, learn to take full advantage!

beach shorts

The short can be a double-edged sword, the short, the shoot, what it is wide or narrow leg v to have an effect identified in the figure. So much so, that this garment as casual as sexy as that at times may become our constant companion on vacation if we know how to get it.

Before jumping down to take in any one, keep in mind some tips. If you bet for the denim version, remember that the more clearly is the denim more volume will contribute to your thighs unlike the dark denim. If you opt for a model more than camouflage with pockets on the sides, keep in mind that will increase your hips…

That said, we have chosen a model cowboy then we will combine to achieve three different looks ideal for a beach day, an afternoon of reeds and a night party, appointment or party with friends.

For a day of beach combines a pair of shorts with more casual clothing but without losing the chic that can bring you a pamela hat or some original sunglasses.

beach shorts

For an afternoon of canes with friends, shopping or ice creams in any of these terraces that are put up to the stops on the sea front promenade, chooses to supplement the short with a few good baby cots.

beach shorts

At night the shorts are becoming more sophisticated are combined with high heels, jewels and elegant fabrics.

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