Steve Madden shoes

Steve Madden is one of those people who risks everything to get what he wants most, which in his case was to start his own shoe company, which began in 1990, very modestly, in a small workshop that created their designs, inspired by what he saw in the street, in his own ideas and years of experience in the footwear industry.

steve madden shoes

The result has been a success over the years, offering consumers flattering shoes, always trendy, youthful, colorful and very feminine.

Platform wedges are distinctive footwear, which can be seen in many designs and colors. No lack of height in all, with cork, wood or rubber. This year included those with an ethnic print, perfect for a colorful summer.

The built-in platform shoes are must of the season, with very bold designs, as it takes plenty of tacks, or simpler, as the nude tones.

steve madden shoes

The sandals, also with platform, can be purchased with the latest trends, such as the T-bar with wooden heel for the day, or silver, one with imitation of Piton and the other with bright which makes it suitable for special occasions.

steve madden shoes

Despite its penchant for high heels and platforms, there is also room for flat sandals, essential in any wardrobe for casual looks. It is of all kinds, with fringes, tacks, braided and so on.

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