One of the important complements to every bride is the stockings. It is the final touch whatever the season of the year in which you marry an essential complement for many reasons, so it is a detail that needs to be selected with the care and dedication that it deserves.

stockings for bride

Types of stockings
There are means of all types and classes:

  • Tights
  • Pantyhose
  • socks.

You can also find different fabrics and materials such as: tulle, blonde lace, lace…

Combining these possibilities and some more you’ll need to choose those that best suit your personality, those that provide you more comfort, and especially those mean that better combine with the lingerie that you’ve chosen.

Along with the clothing, the choice of lingerie and with it, the socks that will be the bride in her day, it becomes another important point or more for every bride, in addition to being an elegant bride with her dress, also has to worry about being a bride sexy and romantic.

Stockings have a major role in the wedding first as an important complement to the dress and then by the role it has after the wedding because the bride has to be as beautiful on the outside and inside.

At the time of choosing, the first thing to decide is whether it’s will be tights and socks. Everything will depend on the comfort that you want or feel with each of the types, but let us recommend the option of stockings.

As we said before, the bride has to be more beautiful on the outside than inside. Under a beautiful wedding dress, what better way to bring together a nice lingerie accompanied by stockings (with garters or not) to blend and be a romantic and sexy bride.

Once you have chosen the stockings that you will show the day of your wedding, let a few tips to avoid potential shocks that day:

  • Keep a spare pair of stockings, if at some point break that you’re wearing
  • Prepare a transparent glaze if there is a small snag
  • If you take sandals, searches for a type of socks called “finger in the air” appropriate for this type of shoe.

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