The purple colors are an infinite source of possibilities in makeup: according to how apply them you can achieve a more consistent look for the day or a fully glamorous look ideal for the night. For this reason, we show you how easy it is use these tones to achieve a striking makeup.

purple look

Creates the basis
The key so that the range of the lilacs manages to highlight our look and allows us to achieve a “frosted” effect is in the lighting. To make our eyes to shine, we need to use a shadow in white shades. With the help of a brush in the shape of cat language, apply this tone all over the eyelid and on the arch of the eyebrow. Although at first it may seem a bit overloaded, we’ll go after lowering its intensity with other colors. In this way, the white shade will serve as base for our look.

Icy gaze
Then choose a mauve tone very subtle and delicate to apply only in the area of the banana. Don’t be afraid to give multiple layers, because what we want is that highlight above white and illuminate our gaze. Then, take a little darker than the previous, but that remains a tone clearly. In this way, we will obtain a pastel look completely. It is what will help us achieve a frigid and icy look. Take a little this color with the brush and apply it very gently in the lower part of the eye, just flush with the lashes.

It’s easy to apply colors, which can be mixed without problems among themselves. If you feel more comfortable, you can even apply with the fingertip to obtain a look more blur and soften the edges. To mark the look and create a contrast with the tones used, bathing your eyes with two coats of black mascara. Don’t forget to create a wet your lips with a clear gloss.

For the night
With these three shades we already get the desired look. But if you prefer more intensify the look and achieve a spectacular look for evening, add a purple tone much darker than the previously used. The trick is to apply it up to the half height of the eyelid, so we believe contrast: the bottom darker and the top more clear (mauve and white). This darker shade fades up to the corner area to get a more feline look. For this look, you bathe your lips of a mauve or violet tone.

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