The trends in sunglasses are imposing a John Lennon style, characterized by the roundness of the framework and the use of color overtones, although there may be perfect and less flashy styles for more conservative. It all depends on taste.

trends in sunglasses

This season the lenses are not left behind to impose their style and master new trends and the icon turned out to be John Lennon, who besides being a star in the music, turned example to popularize his glasses. The sunglasses are essential for protection, and good is to be found in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles and it is no secret that can become the fixture and ideal complement to a perfect look. That if careful not used at inopportune times, such as at night or in enclosed or dark, it does not look good.

The round frame here to stay, maybe not forever but for a long time and not having the same that was used in the 60s, but still have a similar air with modern elements. The goal was to make a game between thin and thick frames, colorful or minimalist, finished with pointed or rounded, but giving it a roundness to the lens that did similar and especially to offer variety for anyone who wants to use.

What comes with enough force is the color scheme for some or most conservative, it would be shocking, but it really gives a lot of personality and freshness. On one side are violet tones and pastels and on the other the ground and some animal print but without recharging both. In the lenses are used toning effects, lights or overtones green or blue, yellow or even pink. For those who want something a little simpler may be inclined to those that are completely transparent, but also provide sun protection.

With respect to materials, acetate is most often used because the lens is more resistant, but there are improved technologies that employ a polaroid effect that allows a clear picture, no blurred or distorted, but of course these are more expensive. What must always be taken into account, no matter the color, size, or framework, it is the filter for protection which must be high to be effective, because UV rays are becoming increasingly more powerful. But because this style is imposed, not to say that all the girls have to use it, because they can be kept in the classic or vintage, and there is nothing wrong with using the obscure, the brown or black and that define square shapes or wide or even those that maintain the aviator style.

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