Style Tips: Capri pants in winter

One of the most common cuts of pants in the summer is the capri pants. Just above the ankle, often with low round ended. For this type of pants increasingly harder in the winter and we’ll tell how you can take it.

capri pants

If in summer the best shoe to go with a ballerina flat, winter is the opposite. Take your shoes more special, better if they are in heels, as these pants let you show off. Or wear them with some boots over trousers, so that cover the ankle.

Avoid those with laces or buckles at the top, as there are to see and if the pants are too tight will form a very ugly lump. For the same reason, avoid the boots. Unless they are elastic to adhere to the leg, the result is not going to look good.

To the top you choose clothing that compensate for the volume down. If the pants are tight, choose long jackets, sweaters or large maxi coats, or play with overlapping items like a shirt and a sweater around waist. If on the contrary the trouser is wide, better a snugger upper garment that sticking to the body.

Whatever your style, this pant fits all, so we have no problem to carry it all the time this winter.

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