Style Tips: Redefining the waist

This is an article dedicated especially to all women who can not find where her waist. Achieving redraw feminine curves can play with fashion.

redefining the waist

We’re tired of hearing that the perfect measurements are “90-60-90”, it is clear that when we realize it we analyze involving having curves! As much as the benchmark of beauty bet by straight bodies absent sinuosity, where there is a waist that is removed otherwise. There is more to analyze the type of celebrity that appeals to men. Monica Bellucci, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce … have curves and that love it!

The body of a woman, as well we have been talking about months ago, you can adopt different silhouettes. Here, we focus on the rectangular shape wherein the shoulders and hips are aligned, a fact which implies that the waist is not defined. The objective: Notching How? With the advice that we disclose it below:

  • We must opt for clothing winding on both the top and bottom. Flared skirts, folk dresses, peplum, are allies… We must avoid the tube dresses very dresses that are fitted.
  • The Americans and jackets, carry them above the hip and bet on carved models. You get to frame the waist.
  • For wraps, commitment belted models with slight bell encourage you!
  • Opt for pants with fall and weight, test with the palazzo model, combine it with a top inside; you will see results!
  • Forget about the low waist jeans and bet by models more high and straight waist.
  • Build coalitions to belts, are the key to visually redefine the waist. The vests will also get you to accomplish this goal.

Now that we have unveiled some styling tricks is time to put them into practice.

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