Style tricks to hide the ‘tummy’

If there is something that concerns many women when it comes to dressing, it is the fact that some clothes can highlight the abdomen more than expected. It may be because we remain a few kilos, because we’ve eaten too much or feel swollen because retain liquids or simply because we are so, and this makes any dress or blouse mark belly without that we want.

hide tummy

Before that, apart from the clear thing, which resides in the good feeding combined with a good dose of daily exercise, also there is present another alternative that can join these two: tricks to hide.

How to do it? First of all, choosing clothes that mark even belly area, its can somehow go unnoticed. If we have much belly, then we have to go to plan B, thinking about a type of tops that are sufficiently large so that it covers. The secret is to highlight other areas of the body such as legs in tight jeans. Thus, the contrast is perfect.

On the other hand, if we want to be adjusted for an event, but we are worried about the abdomen, then we can bet on a prom dress that have geometric shapes, and to make the seam of two figures.

The most important thing is to divert attention, and make it come to looks elsewhere. Anyway, we should not bet on sizes less than ours, since they can hurt us, as well as get much more belly that really we have. If we think of oversize clothing, we have much of the way gained in this field.

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