Styling tips: Bags to hide the hips

The bag is one of the feminine complements most faithful to the woman. We took him everywhere, we take it all over, a certain look updates us, it facilitates us every day, but also: did you know that it has some effect on the figure?

Bags to hide the hips

Accessory fetish for many women, inseparable friend from each other, the choice of a certain model cannot be left in the hands of chance.

We know that every moment, it is up to a certain type of bag, size will vary according to the time zone and details it jewels will be reserved for the night. Now, did you know that there are bags that help to hide the hips?

We put double focus of attention as we uncover as the area of the strips can be affected by the bag. If you have a triangular silhouette, in which the hips are wider than the shoulders, it pays attention, because choosing the suitable bag order to smooth your hips and harmonize your silhouette.

The perfect bag is the model of hand or handle for hanging. At night, the clutch will be your best choice. Nevertheless, and although you declare yourself a devotee of the shoulder, better avoid this kind of bag that will only add more breadth to hip. Go in search of more structured models. Remember to neutralize, should avoid adding more volume to the “troubled” area.

The secret: choose a handbag that contribution femininity but avoid any model, cross or hang that reached the area of the strips.

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