Styling tips for the peplum dress

Appeared in The summer and this winter is reluctant to disappear. The peplum has become one of the IT of the season, yet who supports this flyer at the waist? We left doubts.

peplum dress

Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Giambattista Valli bet on the peplum and presented, each in their own style on the catwalk for spring-summer 2012. Unknown term for those who do not master the jargon of fashion, the peplum is easily identifiable. This is a flyer to the waist that grips the tops, skirts, jackets and dresses this fall also.

Retrieved from the 40s, the peplum is a detail that women bring femininity and wrap of elegance and sophistication. However, taking a step further, we have to ask ourselves and favors alike as the silhouette? Here, we reveal how the peplum dress depending on the point of our body that we want to promote.

To upper waist high
As a top, the cut peplum at waist area is perfect for a superior long-waisted silhouette and the waist getting shorter. It is advisable, in case you have a short upper waist.

To the waist
Another of the strong points of the top peplum is that it helps define the waist. It is recommended for the rectangular silhouettes that barely draws the waist.

peplum dress

To strengthen the hip
In the case of hip strengthening is required, especially in rectangular shapes with no curves, peplum skirt or dress is a good choice as it helps define the silhouette is like a wheel on skirt or only on the sides.

However, this trend is not recommended for all silhouettes. In the case of rounded shapes in which garments require little volume and more structured or women with tummy garments requiring that neutralize the stomach area, better dispense with this trend.

In the case of having a narrow rectangular shape, this garment helps draw curves.

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