Being useful the Valentine’s Day, we unveil some styling tricks to be sexy, sensual and seductive without being vulgar.

When we think of these three S doubts assail us can I be really sexy if I don’t have curves? How can I seduce and be sexy if I just walk in heels? All are excuses! Love is power.

Sexy, Sensual and seductive are the weapons of woman who must learn not only to empower, also use. The silhouette, a gesture, a certain movement can wrap an irresistible aura or have you thought yourself.


Contrary to what many people believe sexy lies on curves. The hourglass silhouette has it easier than a rectangular one, but it is there where the style and the juice items how this outfit created, not only to enhance curves but also to enhance the side more sexy? It is time to implement the advice we have been discussing on how to enhance the curves.


Sensuality is transmitted to the movement; Did you know? There are women that are contoured to walk, others are very straight, some people do not stop playing with her hair … The gestures, movements, a certain drop shoulders, for example, are sufficient to arouse sensual side that we all have.


Finally, how can be seductive? This is where fashion and style. However, where there is more danger of losing femininity and fall into the vulgar. The perfect neckline, a lightweight and dynamic, high heels … are key to enhancing the seductive side. Now, you have to know how to play with transparencies and lace, with short and long necks and control.

  • If you have bet much chest by the V neckline, do not be afraid if it is very deep. If instead are small chest, the rounded neckline or U-shaped, will be perfect.
  • Controls the shorts. If you bet on a miniskirt, make sure the top is long.
  • Transparencies under control. There is that insinuate and do not teach. Allow between seeing the bra can be very seductive, but teach it in excess, a mistake!
  • On heels. Although well would have to be indispensable, do not climb to impossible heights if you can not walk. Safety is the key.

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