You could not resist the romance of the loop. This detail in XXL version, fabric, plain or printed, inlaid… captures the spotlight this summer sneaking into any garment or accessory to complement your wardrobe.

effect of loop

That if you increase the breasts, that if reducing belly, that if camouflage those flab that make us uncomfortable and therefore that despite our efforts have been proposed not abandon … To achieve this we must pay attention to where and how to place the loop. For example:

If we want to enhance the chest is ideal any dress or top with bow in the neck area. Get a volume effect in addition to sensor of image. Otherwise, the loop in this area is not suitable if you want to neutralize a generous chest.

effect of loop

What about the waist? The tight dresses with bow are an excellent proposal to frame the picture and draw the curves. Ideal for rectangular shapes in the shoulders, waist and hip are the same width. Now, if you have a rounder shape and tummy, look for another place to put the loop and avoid putting at the lower area of the belly, not going to favor.

effect of loop

If you’re looking for discretion, this summer, there are many bows in the back. It is good to remember that this part of the body that only others see us, it may be the most sensual. At the time of betting by a garment with a loop, we must consider the breadth of our back. Not very good idea if we have a silhouette of inverted triangle characterized by shoulders wider than the hip.

The tight loop mode is another variety and is an excellent option for women with narrow shoulders and helping to structure. The Maxi bows in asymmetric necklines can be a very chic, but beware, if the neck is not slim enough in this case to avoid putting at the lower neck and shoulder areas not to shorten.

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