Choosing a good neckline can be one of the best weapons of seduction and the woman wrapped in an aura of femininity external. But what is the most flattering neckline?


You may not pay much attention, it is an unconscious act, but surely if we open our closet and we rescue all clothes with cleavage, we might realize that we have a predilection for one or the other.

There are women who prefer oval to the peak, there are some who are not afraid to word of honor and those who favor the halter. The choice of a particular neckline is not only a matter of taste; it also creates certain effects on the figure you like to know?

The size of the chest is decisive when making our bets. A good choice can bring more slender, enhance or neutralize the bust.

How does it affect a certain neckline?
Oval, round, peak, word of honor … it is all different and therefore not always flattering effects contribute as the silhouette. Generally a rounded neckline is perfect to win slenderness, as well as the round neckline. However, the square neckline adds breadth to the shoulders and the word of honor. For styling a neck, the deep V-neckline is an excellent choice.

However, what is the right neckline depending on your chest?
The size of the chest has a lot to say. So much so that when the chest is of high size, avoid the closed necklines. A neckline with vertical lines as a deep peak enhances the bust.


In the case of having a low size chest, the better is the rounded neckline. The much closed necklines as well as strapless are inadvisable.

For a bulky chest the best is the V neckline, peaked or oval. Any deep neckline will enhance this type of bust.

Finally, in the opposite case, when there is little chest, the best way to enhance it is with a U or rounded neck. In this case, it is not advisable the strapless, very tight necks or those too deep.

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