Styling Tricks: Cellulite Clothing

Would you like to finish with cellulite? We snuck in our wardrobe to identify clothes out enemy of your body.

Cellulite, the eternal friend of the woman also sleeps at home. Much we know about it, but what is the relationship with the clothes we wear? Although it is difficult to believe the war against the Orange skin and sagging starts at our bottom of Cabinet.

cellulite clothing

It can genetics, lack of exercise, poor diet, or drink little fluids contribute to the female body becomes threatened by so fearful and unsightly cellulite, but garments wear, the shoes that we fit and certain accessories we choose, far from helping to eradicate contribute to enhance it.

Then, and as each week, unveiled a new trick of styling, focused this time, in the garments to combat the appearance of cellulite. Are you ready to open your closet and identify the fashion foe?

Ally of the seduction, the dress/skirt is a very good friend of cellulite. Tight and notched garments that are an excellent choice to enhance female attributes become enemy of our skin when it comes to eradicating the Orange skin. In this case, the best choice, are the gauzy dresses and skirts, which do not stick to the body and that provide buoyancy and joviality to the figure. This summer, build coalitions to garments that will make you feel free.

cellulite clothing

Same thing happens with the pants. Those adjusted such as denim or lycra fabrics are not recommended when you suffer from cellulite or you want to avoid its appearance. Although a tight pair of jeans can be very flattering, the pressure exerted on the body hinders the movement. Instead, this summer, opting for a pant more wide but no less sexy. First, accept your size and then choose fabrics that provide you freedom of movement.

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