Styling tricks for wide thighs: 6 garments prohibited!

Do you want stylize your thighs and do not know how to do? Attentive to the following styling tips to disguise the extent of the leg, then put them into practice and watch!

stylize thighs

You may have wanted to have endless, long and thin legs of Gisele Bundchen, but the reality is different, but who says it can not be flattering? If your thighs are weakness and want to achieve stylize, stop tormenting yourself and find out what garments allied to your figure.

Clear that before you begin to identify what is most flattering, the million dollar question what we mean by prominent thighs? According to experts in image consulting, it is considered that these characteristics thigh when it is 34 cm more than the ankle; Is your case? So pay attention.

Maybe in your wardrobe identify those items that you love but that far from favor you, you do a disservice, though at first not be aware. But in addition to identifying those items that should be prohibited, also find the most suitable for stylizing wide thighs; Attentive!

Garments prohibited:

  • Shorts and miniskirts
  • Very short dresses: it is recommended that a length just above, at the knee or just below the knee.
  • The leggings and tight pants. The skinny jeans are not the most suitable.
  • Avoid pants with side pockets: you provide amplitude.
  • Watch out for worn: remember that this effect provides volume.
  • Avoid boots and boots low to medium.

Flattering garments:

  1. Straight pants with fall and weight. If you like to follow trends, palazzo pants will favor.
  2. Dark Jeans
  3. Skirts with hood and long for the knee
  4. Choose dark, opaque tights and combine them with a shoe in the same color.

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