Styling Tricks: the effect of the stripes

The stamped sailor is one of the great classics of summer. However, this season the streaks are updated and produce many effects in our silhouette: does all flattering?


When we speak of the striped pattern all we seem to have things clear. Horizontal stripes widen and the verticals stylize. But there are more factors that come into play and that contradict these claims.

When it comes to clothing the stripes don’t just have to take into account the provision. The size the distance between them and the color contrast is not indifferent and can help stylize our silhouette or otherwise visually widen.


This season, the stripes become more XXL and discretion away from seizing protagonists becomes so delicate garments like pants or dresses. This type of rays which are reminiscent of the circus are encouraging more by many trend that is and far from styling the legs, in the case of the trousers, widen, but why?

Before going into details of the effect on the silhouette of the different types of stripes is good to know that:

  • The thin stripes and close together: stylize and add volume to the figure
  • The stripes without little color contrast: stylized
  • The thick lines and separated: widen
  • Thick stripes and color contrast: add volume
  • Oblique stripes: help to define the silhouette.

After learning these tricks to styling, let’s put them into practice. To do this we choose different garments whose starting point is the stripes and analyze what effects occur on our figure.

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