With the arrival of summer, sandals become the true stars of the season. To do this, we unveil the styling cues to choose the best models that will help us to stylize the figure.

stylize sandals

Passion for sandals
High, low, flat platform, as a sabot, Roman or peep toes version. There is no model that will resist you. Nevertheless: have you stopped to analyze why not all the pairs you feel equally?

The shoe not only complements a styling, on, and on our figure, exerts a specific effect that is not always to our liking depending on the model, design, style, height…

Have you ever wondered why when you get on stiletto heels you feel more sensual? Or why do not you just feel comfortable with platforms? In the world of shoes, not all are suitable for our feet and our figure.

Then from us, we disclose it as you should be your summer sandals to untangle your figure from the feet. It is complex if you have ankles, widths, thin, long or small foot. Still well attentive and put into practice the following tricks of styling, indispensable for the genuine fetish of shoes.

Peep Toes: This type of shoe is the most flattering because by exposing only the tip, helps to stylize the foot and figure. Ideal if you have long toes, creating an optical effect of shortening.

Platforms: The platform sandal subtracts lightness to the walk. Although very comfortable, are not recommended when you have wide feet and ankles.

Roman Sandals: Sean as a heel or flat, this kind of shoe is ideal when looking widen the foot as it adds volume through the strips. Models with strips are perfect to neutralize a few long feet. However, if you have wide ankles, avoids any model tied to the ankle or bracelet, because in addition to shorten the leg, you favor the effect of spaciousness.

stylize sandals

Open sandals: This type of sandal, flip flop style, which often have details on the instep area, are perfect when you have a foot too narrow, because we help to extend it. Finally, this type of sandal is perfect for neutralizing an ankle width, once one gets the foot, whether the attention getter.

Fine Heels: While a love for the stilettos, if you forget about it if you have thick ankles and you’ll look unstable.

Thick Heels: Although much more comfortable, this type of heel, adds volume to the feet so it is not a good option to when being searched is to neutralize the scope either of the foot, leg or ankle.

After knowing how each type of sandal to figure dare to guess which are the most flattering for you?

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