Stylized pants: Appears one size smaller!

The choice of pants is key to feeling comfortable with ourselves and comfortable with our bodies. According to accessories and garments with which we can combine them to appear one size smaller. Grab a pen and paper and points these effective styling tricks with which you will feel slimmer. Are you ready to show off figure?

stylized pants

Waist pants
To highlight our curves and enhance the sensuality of our figure, your ally is the straight pants. The key is to choose not pockets or tweezers, and the pants with this design tend to appear visually look fuller. Choose it waist high and well-fitting to the hips. If you have wide legs, best a dark color.

The secret to getting a stylized effect is to combine this piece with a belt or too wide or too thin, and top tucked inside. The visual effect is that of an ultra-feminine body with a strong shoulder. Better, if you add good heels.

Skinny Pants
That sexy skinny pants are only meant for tall slender girls is a myth that we must tear down. All we can carry this type of pants when combined with high heels join those high inches that we lack.

stylized pants

The mixture more glamorous finds combining some black skinny jeans with a stiletto heel of sharp and thin heel. Elegance rose to the maximum power if we combine it with a white shirt.

Lateral stripes pants
If you are not very high you can bet on pants designed with lateral or vertical motifs ornaments, like the classic suit pants. This garment becomes your best ally to lengthen your silhouette and get the dreaded mask cartridge.

Commitment linen pants combined with romantic ideal heel sandals for this season. Try also with leggings adorned with lateral stripes and gives a more elegant touch with high heel shoes.

Wide pants
This spring-summer wide leg pants are more fashionable than ever. Ideal to cover a wide leg, this garment is mandatory injunction combine it with wedges or platform shoes.

stylized pants

Your figure swoosh instantly elongate your legs with this type of pants. Yes, take it long to hide your footwear and the visual effect is even more striking. A plus? Pair it with tailored jackets to enhance your curves.

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