Techniques to make your hair grow

More than one has happened. Cut the hair and is desperate to see that does not grow. But do not despair. Here we leave some techniques, which although are not magic; it will give you a little help when it comes to your hair grow again.

hair grow

If your hair is normal to dry, you have to wash the head four times a week and moisturize with a soft conditioner. If you have the oily hair then wash your hair every day but with a mild shampoo and with the half of the quantity that you would use normally.

Use a suitable comb: Buy a brush with natural fibers to help untangle your hair, but not to break it. Combs with plastic strands are not recommended.

Date occasional massage at the hair: Just rub the fingertips on the hair for a few minutes will be sufficient. Do it once a day, and of additional benefit you’ll feel more relaxed.

Try to change the position of your hair: During this growth process, try to take your hair down as much as possible and different styling. Encourage your hair to grow in all directions.

Careful with the temperature: Do not wash the head with water too cold or too hot, the ideal temperature is warm. This water will not abuse your scalp.

Tries to get away from the dryer: Or at least do not use it daily. Treat to dry your hair in the open air and breathe. It looks much better.

As a final recommendation suggest a magic word: Patience. While you can give a hand to the process, there are no magical techniques that will leave your hair throughout the overnight. Be patient, follow these guidelines and you will see results.

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