The amazing looks of Emma Stone at the premiere of Woody Allen

Versatile actress and activist for the cause of feminism, Emma Stone sweeps wherever she goes. Her latest release is magic in the light of the moon, the new Woody Allen, set in the crazy twenties. The styling of stone in the film is spectacular! The 20s were a decade of dreams and innocence, characterized by pleated dresses, dot cardigans and babydoll hats. They give the best looks inspired by that era. Triumph!

amazing looks of Emma Stone

Long, fringed or details on low, bring sophistication in dark colors, such as Mango dress (left). The same Emma Stone opted for a glamorous dress inspired by the 20s at the premiere of the film in Paris. Another star color is pastel pink, more innocent or electric colors, which brings vitality to her look.

Tops and Cardigans
Yes, we know that she is garments of dream, and we cannot resist them! The cardigan is a must have in your wardrobe, especially during the cold months. Comfortable and light, protect us from temperature changes. If you prefer to go most covered and protected from the cold, the best is a chunky knit sweater. There are many to choose from!

amazing looks of Emma Stone

Hats and shoes for everywhere
Some people said that the most important thing for a total look is shoes and accessories. And it was right! Nothing is more essential than a good pair of shoes for a impeccable style. The Orla Kiely shoes for Clarks are ideal: comfortable, pastel colors and inspired in past decades. We must protect the accessories, whether French berets style hats or scarves in pastel tones. We must not forget it! If you opt for a look at night, we recommend the use of a belt or headdress to match the dress for more sophisticated appearance. You will not regret!

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