The Best and the Brightest: Jewels to Watch in 2014

When it comes to precious stones, every year has it trends. So what’s hot on the market for 2014? Here are just a few jewels that will turn heads and open pocketbooks in the upcoming season.

moissanite jewelry

Tahitian Pearls
Unlike Akoya pearls, which are the small and cream-colored variety that we usually envision when we think of pearls, Tahitian pearls come in many more colors, sizes and shapes. Perhaps the public has just grown bored of the traditional variety, but Tahitian pearls are all the rage right now on runways and in magazines.

The price of emeralds skyrocketed in 2013, with sellers seeing their pieces going for thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why the sudden demand? No one knows, but the money is flying thick and fast when it comes to these green beauties, so take advantage of the trend while you can.

Sparkling like a diamond but with a much more affordable price tag, moissanite is poised to become one of 2014’s biggest sellers. Invest in a moissanite necklace with matching pendant; add a little sparkle to your bracelets with moissanite charms; make an impression with a shining pair of moissanite earrings.

Rubies never go out of style, so it should come as no surprise that they’re still topping the list of 2014’s most coveted gems. Whether you’re looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift or an anniversary present that beats as red as your heart, rubies are the way to go for striking, memorable jewelry.

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