The Best Pearls for Every Outfit

It’s no secret that pearls are a timeless classic, so when searching for the perfect accessory to wear with that special outfit, picking pearl jewelry can be a no-brainer. However, with so many options, colors, and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which pearls would go best with a particular outfit. Don’t worry – there is a method behind the madness! Here are some pointers about how to pair the perfect pearls with any outfit to look flawless and classic.

pearls for outfit

Jeans and a t-shirt: If you’re going for a casual look, a pair of simple button pearl earrings always go perfectly with any outfit, and are appropriate for any occasion. If you want to mix it up, a multi-strand pearl necklace can also be a fun and funky way to incorporate an otherwise traditional piece into your look. Wrap a long pearl strand multiple times around your neck, or tie them in a knot in front to add a more modern twist.

Strapless dress: Whether you’re going to prom, a bar, or to a wedding, pearls are beautiful with any strapless dress. If you’re going for a really modern and trendy look, try pairing a matching black pearl necklace and earring set to add a little mystery and drama to your outfit. If we’re talking about your wedding, though, pick a show-stopping pearl necklace and earrings to draw all of the attention up to your smile as you say your vows.

Suit or twinset: Both great looks for a job interview or for a family occasion, when you’re wearing a traditional outfit, go for a traditional set of pearls. A matching pearl strand and pearl earrings can go a long way with a pant or skirt suit or twinset. If you want to add a little extra oomph to your outfit, choose a pearl necklace with a diamond ball clasp – still traditional, but the addition of diamonds with pearls can take your look from dowdy to dazzling.

Maxi Dress: We’re seeing a lot of strapless maxis on the runway this season, and many designers are choosing to pair them with endless pearl necklaces. A multi-strand pearl necklace is a trendy and modern option to pair with a look straight off of this season’s runway. Not boho enough for you? Try an endless strand of multi-colored fresh water pearls. They can vary in size and luster, which will give you a very unique and bohemian look made from these extremely classic gems.

LBD: A little black dress is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe, along with a single strand of pearls. Your LBD can go perfectly with any color, shade, or style of pearl, but you can mix and match to find the perfect accessory for your go-to dress. A fun and glamorous diamond necklace clasp on a strand of lustrous black pearls can be your new favorite accessory for your LBD. When we’re talking about this look, you can’t go wrong with pearl jewelry.

Whether you’re going to the mall with your friends or to a cocktail party at a hip downtown bar, pearl jewelry can be the perfect accessory to say it all with your outfit. No need to wonder which pearls to pair with your look – we’ve done all the work for you.

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