The coolest summer: shirt dresses

Do you like shirt dresses? The summer and high temperatures make that we have given a 360-degree turn to our closet, which Yes, without losing or dash of glamour. And with these temperatures do better than fresh clothes and fashion to wear this summer. Want to know what is one of the most advanced trends? Read on and do not miss.

shirt dresses

This is one of the classic that always comes back, that always reinvents itself and has reserved a special place in our wardrobe. Did you have guessed? We talk about the mythical shirt dresses.

This summer are back with more force than ever, so if you have some of last year’s already can remove it from the bottom of the closet. If you don’t still have any, this is a good time to get one very good price. You can already discover the trends that are carried in terms of shirt dresses.

Denim: Denim is a fabric that never gets old, and when mixed with timeless garment such as the shirtwaist dress form the perfect couple. So if you have to make a safe bet, opt for a shirt dress in denim fabric.

Military: This summer, the most daring and trendy option is to bring in its military version. Khaki highlighting above all others can create looks very summery with this color, and combine them with more sweet items, such as a Flower crown.

Prints: Not everything is black or white, and there is no better time than summer to opt for prints. Go for the flowers, and if you still want to be more disruptive, by lumberjack boxes.

Straight and belt: The straight is the most suitable for this type of clothing, yes, if you want to make the best ways it is that you combine it with a finite belt, so also will create a much more sophisticated outfit.

They are perfect for a casual and urban look, and it is best to providing it with the appropriate accessories can be used in more casual version or even a night out. This summer you know to what garment can get more party.

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