The skirts have never gone and although sometimes their use is limited by weather conditions, have always been loved by the girls and now more than impose new designs and styles for all tastes.

skirts fashion

In the summer, skirts are being imposed and not just use them informally, but also to please a more formal way, without losing the style and without being heated or out of context with the time or weather. The good thing is that this piece is becoming necessary in any girl’s closet is that as there are many styles, you can quickly accommodate the personality of each of them, and no matter if the woman is tall or short or if thin or slightly thicker, you always have a choice, not only between forms, but between textures, color and material.

The trends do not establish a fixed length, however; on the other hand, it makes games with designs near the ankle, calf, knees or the beloved and never forgotten miniskirts. The colors are varied, but those who have stronger are white and black, although which are inspired in ethnic elements and materials rather vaporous not far behind.

– The miniskirt is preferred but requires certain details so they can be used with better and carefree. The good thing is that its already have enough history, about 50 years and what has been learned is that it can be combined with almost everything and looks great, although it is important not to have legs too wide or that noticeable cellulite because it will not be pleasant. Girls with big hips should also think twice before using them. The most common today are the leather or taches but accompanied with stripes and fringes are not far behind. Also in colors no limit and the important thing is to know what shoes combine them to maintain the style.

– The pencil skirts are another style that is very popular because it can be used up to the knee but gives a great air of femininity, elegance and styling helps the body, as the initial cut from your waist, helping hide all those bunnies that both uncomfortable. It’s perfect for formal occasions and is preferably used with blouses inside of the skirt to keep the details.

– A new design is the sarong style skirt, which resembles the garment that is worn with a bathing suit, but with new materials and colors that look great with boots or sandals if used on the beach. Also attract more because it uses geometric cuts and some ethnic type accessories.

– Long skirts or maxi skirts, prevailed for some time and are still being furor especially for tall women who want to further lengthen their body and look very glamorous.

– Finally asymmetrical skirts are having irregular costs to one side of the body and reveal a little more leg than the other, but its very striking and easy to wear, plus very light, fresh and without adjusting the body.

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