The ideal dress according to your silhouette

The dress is one of the stars of summer clothes. Fresh, light, practical and especially very feminine. What do you usually take into account when choosing a dress? Does the design, color, shapes…? Our taste influences but our silhouette determines although at first not aware of it.

silhouette dress

A certain neckline, a too tight model, a skirt with flight … it does not favor equally according to our curves. Because it is sensual, feminine, practical and very summer, we are going to reveal as it is the perfect model for every silhouette:. Aware!

If you are fortunate in having an hourglass silhouette and boast of harmony between shoulders, waist and hips, you can choose any type of dress in order to look slim. If you also have a considerable height, you can dare to midi very long 50 and 60.

silhouette dress

In the case of a triangular silhouette, which is required to neutralize the hips and enhance shoulders avoid very tight tube dress; far from favoring will add more volume. The perfect dress that is structured in the shoulders, either with an asymmetrical neckline, sleeves… or above all, with body tissue and linear fashion.

What if I am an inverted triangle? In this case, the goal is reversed. Neutralize the broad shoulders and strengthen the hips. For this reason, bets by sinuous dresses, and with little volume on top. The word of honor nor favors. Opt for an oval neckline or peak.

silhouette dress

For that you have a rectangular silhouette, and the target is to define the waist, that perfect dress is cut in this area. Prevents tube dress because it can accentuate the lack of cave and opts for models with skirt flight that will help to strengthen the hips. In addition, the color contrast between the top and bottom also favor.

What about the oval shape? Finally, such a shape that needs structure as it is characterized by having rounded corners. For this reason, the tissues are recommended with fall and weight for structuring, and linear forms. In addition, when choosing colors, the harmonics will be perfect to win gracefulness.

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