What criteria do you follow to choose the heel? Do you love the needle, love the wedges, or do you prefer the medium? Discover that contributes to our figure the choice of a certain height.

ideal heel

Sign of femininity and sensuality, the heel is one of the most common fetishes between the male genders. On it we feel safe, sexy, and powerful. As if it were a double-edged weapon, the heel can play bad passes if we do not climbed to dizzying heights, do not control the stability or we need practice to walk with it.

The heels also have its own user’s manual. There are some styling tricks that will help us to untangle our silhouette, win slenderness and avoid dislodge a picture of fragility or heaviness.

Just as it happens with dresses, skirts or pants, the choice of a particular heel has its effects on our figure. We may love the needle, but do we really favor? Find out below and put in practice the following tips:

What is the ideal heel? As recommended by the experts, the perfect taco is one whose height is between 4-5 cm. So much so, that if you are looking for a little bit of height, but at the same time convenience, opts for the heel means or also called midi heel.

ideal heel

Stiletto heel: Climb to it is a challenge but in addition to that experience is required to walk on heights, stiletto heel is not recommended for women with thick ankles or legs since the image projected is unstable, nor for those with very narrow ankles, because it stems fragility.

Thick or platform heels: Although it is much more comfortable, shoes with this type of heel provide an image of heaviness in the legs. Reason for which is not a footwear that favors the women with wide ankles. It is not recommended to persons whose way of walking is paused since subtracts dynamism.

Transparent heel: We have seen it in the Maison Martin Margiela Capsule Collection for H & M. Shoes with this type of heel, in addition to issues of aesthetics, serve to bring lightness to the figure. It is highly recommended for women who need to gain in dynamism when walking.

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