The knitwear of this autumn

The knitwear is already a classic in every autumn. At the end of the summer we are already thinking about what our new acquisitions knitwear to protect us in the cold winter. This year there are many new features, and lots of new details that reinvent the sweaters and cardigans.


Speaking of classics, have the legendary Apres-Ski Sweaters with that aspect as winter. The printing is very distinctive and widely carried in the 90s, back into fashion last season. In this return with force and you’ll see colorful.

If you are the type who worship the different details on clothing, many knitwear inspired by characters from cartoons or funny animals and dolls offer special garments. Bears, rabbits and other patterns for sweaters that are no longer only for small children, and which have been fashionable.


For the most chic, it is knitwear with 3D effect. These pieces feature beading or embroidery details that add more value to a simple black jersey. They are garments that can be worn with a leather skirt and high heels.

The maxi jackets are an alternative to poncho that is growing in popularity. They are very comfortable and there are with many prints. In many cases will be to replace the coat.

On the other hand, a garment that had long since we saw begins to gain importance gradually. The turtleneck sweater is reborn from its ashes and returns to the catwalk and our lives. If you had banished it from the closet, it’s time to come back to use it.

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