The male gets into our closet

The boyfriend trend is gradually introduced to our styling. First it was the wide jeans, but its great success among the famous has done that expand to other garments. Now or supplements are fought.

boyfriend trend

The temptation to take borrow the clothes of our boyfriend has always been there and we could have given ourselves the pleasure of taking it when the boyfriend trend began to started loudly. At the beginning it was just steal that shirt that we like or get his pants with a belt and rolled up. However, the comfort of these garments has made us amateurs to it and our wardrobe has received all kinds of clothing with masculine touches.

One of the pioneers was Katie Holmes. She left her boyfriend trousers beautifully. But it is only a matter of a garment. Katie Holmes knew how to combine pants with XL shirts and accessories that made a male garment a very feminine look. Because here’s the key: make man a piece of something that any woman can wear.

But it was not enough with the Texans and went beyond. The Americans were the next to fall into our hands. Until the Tuxedo Jacket, the male garment par excellence was reinvented by this trend and we can say that we do not have anything wrong.

boyfriend trend

The fever boyfriend is spreads and now the latest is wearing the watch of our boy. It is said that the exchange of watches began as a sign of commitment to the partner. Whether it is as well as if not, the fact is that this complement is ideal to give a touch to the boyfriend look. A wide clock highlights the delicacy of our hands and it becomes very attractive.

If you have not been tempted, go for wide pieces and combine it with colorful accessories.

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