The monkey, the best ally of summer

Every summer there are items that reappear in our closet, some we receive them with open arms, and others not so well by not sit as we would like, and what is clear is that the monkey is in the good side as this debate concerns.

monkey dress

The monkeys are a piece of relatively young clothing, that years ago no one would have thought you take, since they most identified with uniform mechanical trades, plumbing… Most afternoons decades, and today, the monkey has become one of the items carried over each summer, either in their longer or shorter version.

What are the keys to the monkey? The first and most basic in this case is that it looks good on all body types, the skinnier and with more curves, or disguised as power, always in proportion.

It has also been well received in our closets as they are parts that require zero complication, you must not think too much about what you wear because with the monkey you’re all done. The monkey is a very versatile garment that we can look almost every day and for any occasion, in its different versions a monkey can serve both for every day and for a wedding, and few pieces of clothing can say the same.

Monkeys take over this summer are long, and the prevailing maxi trend, tissue fluid and widths; long live comfort!

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