The most Ibizan crochet!

Our decision is unanimous … The special of the week trend is any garment that incorporates crochet. More summer, cool and fashion impossible. Read on to learn more about how the famous this trend.

Ibizan crochet

Crochet is a type of pilling fabric and looks very hard, but flexible at the same time. It is so soft; you want to put it in any time of the year. And you will think … But go heat! Nothing that … Not to spend heat the key is not wearing anything underneath, except the bikini, of course.

Ibizan crochet

Do as our famous and ends up spending the summer with the crochet much more chilled on the body. Not only you will be the perfect seeker trends, but that you’ve made yours a very peculiar fashion and much taken in the most island zones, like Ibiza for example.

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