The Slippers are trend fashion at your feet!

The have seen on the streets, in the shops and certainly more than you already have in your closet. Who would have thought that this shoe would become one of our basic for autumn winter 2012-2013? We present the most cutting-edge fashion these months. Prepare your feet with slippers.

slippers fashion

Fashionable shoes these months are so versatile that no matter how you put it. What matters is that you do. Use it with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans or, if you like, with dresses, skirts or shorts. It adapt to any style. And that is why we like both!

Last year began to take, but only a few daring, and very, very radical, decided by buy it. And although it had a complicated beginning, now it is more of more.

slippers fashion

A must have that you cannot miss. Remember that comfort is keys in our lives. And, you may be carrying the heels every day, but once you try the slippers, trust us, you can not live without it.

Also, you can find very good value. And there are bets for any pocket. If you are looking for a plus of style, check out the tacks, the skulls, prints or stronger colors.

The seasonal trends and the slippers join to offer you a fashion to depress very, very strong.

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