The spring slippers … On your feet!

The slippers are going strong this spring. That trembles the traditional dancers because the war in a matter of flat shoe, is served.

spring slippers

The era of go flat has not old fashioned or much less. The maxi heels share the limelight with the sport and one of the shoes that come stomping this season, is called slippers.

This kind of shoe, comfortable and inspired by the sneakers of gait for house is becoming one of the preeminent shoes of the spring seasons.

There are many celebrities who have fallen to rendered to them, and this season, the mules are updated, camouflage, draw his side more feline, rock, become jewel or permeate the ethnic style.

Thanks to its versatility, this new version of the flat shoe combines easily with a boyfriend for a more casual look, with capri pants and/or cropped look is suitable to wear with skirts or shorts.

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