The tattoo necklace: Return of the classic 90’s

Yes, tattoo necklace, you read that right. And the fact is that there are fashions that return and make us happy, there are others that should never exist left of being of fashion, and some that do shake us just thinking that ever again take. Open your eyes, because maybe you’ll find one of those trends that you looked like crazy in your teens, and now more than ever you regret having taken.

tattoo necklace

You already know what we’re talking about? You have probably become a trend of jewelry that you never thought to look back, and past the famous decade of the 90’s: The tattoo necklace. Do you remember when the naughty proud in the college or institute? Well, if anyone sees still you keep knocking the dust, or rather, unraveling it, because this summer is going to become the new trend of worship.

We had bet everything we have precisely this tendency would not return, but fashion is there to surprise us, and again it has done it again. If your brain has been deleted from your subconscious mind what we remember. The tattoo necklace was black with interlocking circles, and its most distinctive feature was that were completely glued to the neck.

If you like again the trend we make it in tray, and is that you can already get with a necklace, bracelet or even ring in the most famous such as Asos and Aliexpress online sales websites. Also you will find in physical stores like Topshop and River Island.

Finally and ultimately perhaps is not so bad remember your most grooms times would you dare to wear the necklace you wore at the Institute? Give a new opportunity to tattoo necklace and see how you feel a few years younger.

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