The use of short

The shorts are imposed for all occasions and weather, but you must know how to combine them and who can use them as they are not appropriate for all female silhouettes.

use short

It is a garment that is taking great force and to stay either fall or summer, as the designs are so varied that can adapt to any situation without looking or feeling decontextualized. The problem is that not suitable for any type of girl and so you must first analyze everything before leaving any modeling in any event. The only requirement is that those who use them have long legs, toned and lean because if not look really bad, at this point no matter the skin color because what is more detailed is the firmness of the legs so if it is brown or white, there is no problem.

It is a very comfortable garment and allowing all kinds of combinations as well that come in different materials and designed using various accessories that give more life and style. Most preferred for the holiday because even not all that breaks the paradigm that is only used in warm climates and that’s where the better they look. You can combine with the wet suit or armhole shirt meek have some lace detail. Ideally for an output with a short is that the garment above is not too tight because if you’re at the bottom a little close to the body, at the top you must be to the contrary, a little looser or loose.

For formal occasions can be embarrassing or strange at first because society used to seeing only necklines and skirts to pants or legs but never display a garment so short, but the ideal is that if you use your legs are displayed with pride, no need to hide under a lot of fabric. The rule is that if some skin is shown below and is with pantyhose under shorts, should not come at the top, so it’s best to use busos, high collared shirts, jackets or blazers.

Let aside it is a garment just for girls or adolescents and that some details can be made to better see the silhouette, for example, the back pockets should be right in the middle of the line because it will tend to flatten or remove volume, respect to length, the shortest can be used by younger and a little longer as a kind of shorts for the more elderly. Colors must be taken into account for the night, for example, the dark are exclusive for the night, the perfect light for the day and especially if it’s sunny but it should be noted that create the optical effect, so for the most hip, the best are the dark to remove volume and even the thinnest, the light to increase a little.

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