The Varieties Of Lilli Diamond Elegant

Lilli diamonds are renowned world leaders in manufacturing straight edged diamonds. They have numerous registered global patents. Lilli diamonds produce traditionally cut and patent cut single diamonds. Its headquarters is in Israel and they have branches in New York and Hong Kong.

lili diamonds

Crisscut cushion diamonds are formed with an elegant simplicity. They have a refined style and have a fancy shape. They are made with an innovative internal facet design. Crisscut diamonds have 85 facet configuration and have long crisscrossed facets that stresses the stones length. The crisscut diamonds are patented.

Meteor cut diamonds are a type crosscut diamonds that were established in 2010. They are decagonal in shape and have ten straight walls built of seventy one facets. Each of its facets is perfectly angled and they have exceptional luminosity and endless refraction of light.

Wonder cut diamonds are the types that have unique refractions of lights. They have sixty one facets and are square in shape; they portray a modern stylish shape. Crisscut cut diamonds have a fancy shape with fifty seven facets. They have a classic look and a beauty shine. They are square modified.

Traditional cut diamonds have a great quality. They have a single marching pair. They are specifically designed for inlaying into rings; bracelets and necklaces. They include the emerald diamonds, square emerald diamonds, radiant diamonds and the cushion shape diamonds.

Tailored designs are the diamonds cut to the specifications of the customer; it can be in the form of a logo, or any shape that the customer will prefer. They are also polished according to the specification of the customer. Lilli diamonds have great craftsmen that produce the best of crisscut diamonds, and straight edge diamond sin the whole world. They also own a diamond manufacturing and polishing firm in Israel with well over one hundred craftsmen. Lilli diamonds are known for their innovative and unique cut diamonds.

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