The white shirt!

The white shirt has always been a must for any good look. In its modalities for the day or night, in its most casual or more sophisticated. The truth is that it is one of the items that never fails, a safety pin to all.

white shirt

And, who does not have one? And how do you carry? With jeans, shorts in their modes to summer, with longer or shorter skirts. You can even wear it as a shirt dress.

Want to discover the chic? Get special underwear. If you are the type who prefers discretion, choose beige or flesh colored. Yes, if you consider a bold as could be, how about a more colorful bra? It will be very summery, especially if you use it at night.

And never missing accessories. There are famous as Poppy Delevingne, who prefer well knotted shirt, which is very funny. And, thus, achieved the opposite effect than expected: no formality, but a very stylish touch.

Olivia Palermo has chosen a XXL shirt to combine with her skirt. Do you realize one of the details that combined with a white shirt? Your hair is a must essential in your look.

white shirt

Nikki Reed, on the contrary, she opens up more than anyone else to show a little cleavage. And, to top styling, a necklace fluorine, one of the trends for this summer also.

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