Three Cool New Dad Gift Ideas

Yes, Father’s Day has come and gone in June, but this doesn’t mean a new mom won’t be constantly finding new opportunities to gift her significant other – especially if you two are newlyweds and/or new parents. Irrespective of whether your hubby’s birthday is coming up, the baby’s first birthday is just around the corner, or if you simply want to be prepared for Christmas ahead of everybody else, we’ve got the scoop. Here are three ideas for new dad presents that your man is pretty much guaranteed to enjoy – and brag about to his boys.

gift ideas

Pictures of Baby
Don’t go thinking classical, old framed pictures with your new bundle of joy – it is safe to assume we agree in considering them entirely passe. There are, however, many ways in which you can get creative with baby pictures on gifts. What is the one item that your husband seems to constantly use? It can be his business card holder, the keychain with the keys to his ride attached, or his trusty coffee mug at the office. Whatever it is, personalize it, and then rejoice in watching him boost his ego by showing the picture around to everyone who asks (and even some people who don’t!). Alternatively, you can purchase a digital picture frame, which will also serve as a radio, and/or alarm clock.

Cozy Fashion
New parents are well aware of the joy a new baby has brought to their lives, as well as of the sheer exhaustion. If you want to send a slight nod to your man and make him feel proud of his efforts, why not spring for a brand new set of pajamas, plus the comfy slippers to match. Suede slippers, clogs or indoor moccasins are all the rage these days, in terms of home fashion. You can mix and match them with a set of cotton PJs, or one made from a breathable material such as microfiber (available from Hugo Boss and numerous other designer labels).

A Day Out and Off
Possibly the best non-material gift you can get your SO is a day out on the town and away from parental responsibilities. Take the time to really prepare for the occasion and make reservations for something you know he will enjoy, whether it’s the premiere of the latest flick starring his favorite actor, or an active day out, spent practicing his favorite sport. If you can only get a sitter for the evening, meaning you’ll be turning the night into a date, make that date creative and fun: skip the old dinner-and-a-movie scenario and hit an amusement park instead, for instance!

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