Three tips for choosing the perfect swimsuit for your body

Today there are many types of swimwear that is easy to get confused and not know what to choose when deciding which will take to the beach. Of course, because more over is not only one, but we must have a good assortment to be able to change it.

choosing perfect swimsuit

How to choose it
The choice of swimwear has a lot to do with who makes you feel really comfortable with yourself, because it is a garment that exposes female physicality to the view of many and many. It’s time that we show more.

It is that displayed in bikini is not an easy task, particularly if we do not feel well with our curves. Therefore, we must find a swimsuit that exposes only what is necessary. For example, if we have any other roll we can opt for wide trousers or a full bathroom suit, to help us hide and do not make us feel uncomfortable.

The important thing is that, although we have spots, stretch marks or other imperfections, we take it with attitude and security.

The ideal size
Perhaps one of the most common problems that we can find when choosing our swimwear is that it can be part of that group of women with two sizes. That is, we have a number of supports that is not equal to our underpants.

Most advisable is to acquire those bikinis that are assembled separately and so choose the one that fits perfectly.

Meanwhile, for those who are complicated by her bust, also there is a solution. You have to know that a small bust can afford to take a lighter support and, if desired, can apply push-up to highlight. Meanwhile, when breasts are more voluptuous, seek greater support in stronger materials, ideally sponge. Now, if these have not resisted the gravity in the maternity, it is best to choose wider outlines and always wear thick straps and never strapless bra.

Romantic and transparent
Finally, we must take into account the trend that dictates every summer. There are various forms of garments, such as seventies bikinis, in where the short favors much this season, since there are higher options, close to the waist and thick, which is known as hikini and allows contain better and contribute to the figure marking waist and hip.

In addition to the retro, romance is also fashionable. Swimsuits with floral patterns and subtle applications of superposed cotton laces, many strapless, crossed with straps, draped in the center of the bust, brassieres or necklines reduced with metallic support which allows greater cleavage between bust and elegant draping are part of this proposal.

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