Three very chic ways to combine a gray sweater

Sober, classical and practical, have a gray sweater in our closet is a more secure investment. Combinable with many parts, the power to create fantastic looks like we see on the runways it is possible. Join this versatile garment to wear the outfits more cool of the day.

Worker look
Inspired by the collection fall winter of Vera Wang, gray sweater pattern oversize becomes the best company in leather skirt with aperture. A whole femininity twist that brings into focus the more hidden charm of this protagonist garment.

combine gray sweater

Follows exactly the trend set and complete your look with chelsea boots – better if added platform- and wide-brimmed hat. We are committed to combine everything with a dose of burgundy color. Are you ready to seduce at work?

Street style look
With the world blogger as a maximum reference, we propose a halfway look between the sporty sophisticated and elegance of new look popularized by Dior in the 50’s.

combine gray sweater

A sporting lines gray sweater creates a perfect street style if you combine it with a high-waisted and subtle ruffles midi skirt. Does not the trick to make your look fall into boredom? Play with accessories and completely opposite styles: satin hats, metallic stilettos and furry bags. You will love it!

Dandy look
If you’re dressed with silhouettes and boyish fabrics, we propose a mix infallible to look like a complete gentleman.

combine gray sweater

Bet trousers by a tailor in the same shade of gray that your sweater. Add a maxi vest in opposite colors, like a warm camel or sexy burgundy.

Too dandy? Add an accessory with feminine notes as leather gloves or chain bag.

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