Ties for women

When elegance speaks about tie or a bow tie are look good regardless of gender. Tips for women who dare to go out with a male garment hanging from the neck.

women tie

The idea of breaking with the femininity from fashion was not restricted to wearing trousers, strap boots and short hair. In the early 20s women began to include tie in their closet. Currently most women do not use it as a symbol of rebellion or feminist Revolution: using tie means elegance, class, style and power depending on how it is carried.

Diversity in women’s fashion can play with many styles and accessories, it is normal to see a woman in a suit and tie, but would fancy a man in skirt and pantyhose. That means that women can use the same ties they use, with the same colors without seeing bad, although there are variations in the design to make them more feminine. Some have two ends of the same thickness, to make it look like a loop and be able to tie a simple knot without having to go tight around her neck.

There is no problem if you use it with everyday trousers, jeans and tennis for a more urban and sporty looks, or a short skirt with heels. A good idea is to combine jeans with tight neck shirt into your pants and tie with a very loose knot around your neck, remember to leave the top buttons unbuttoned to give it a more casual and relaxed style. For women who are not so thin it is recommended to use thick ties, because of thin ribbon frame much more curves.

The secret is in the tie, there are several types: tight neck with male necktie knot, or a side bun. The bow ties are also fashionable, you can use them in a single tone, or animal print and colorful designs, and animated according to your style.

Try a day in front of the mirror combine the ties of your guy and test one day just to know how you feel.

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