Tightlining: A new technique for eye makeup to ‘natural’

Subtle, discreet and almost imperceptible. This is the new look and triumphs in the world beauty. Completely opposite to the delineated maxi to which we are accustomed, this season your eyes shine in the most natural way thanks to tightlining. Do not you know what it is? Attentive!


Surely that you also noticed the triumph of the no – make up, or what is the same, the face washed effect. Despite an almost total lack of makeup, the look looks flawless, with no trace of tiredness. How do I get it?

The answer lies in the tightlining. It is applying the eyeliner only on the inner zone of the upper eyelid, i.e., on the water line, but more often, it is from the middle of the eye.

It is not a new trend, as it always has been complemented with classic shaped exterior. But the funny thing is that now this technique is applied alone, achieving an amazing finish that instantly transforms our eyes.

The result? We go makeup without looking like it. Our eyes look much more natural getting slightly slanted eyes thanks to delineated strategic we have applied: the eyeliner is camouflaged between the flanges, filling the tiny gaps that separate them.

One ideal resource for using it both single and look a radiant look, to complement it with shadow lands and bronzing powders that can help us achieve a beauty beach look.

If you decide to implement this trend, we advise you to choose eyeliner with waterproof creamy texture, perfect to slide more easily in a wet area as the water line. Unlike the rest of eyeliners, skin pigmentation will allow you to not only a better path, but in addition, a more lasting effect.

If you’re used to look spectacular smokey eyes, try to complete this technique with the tightlining effect: you’ll get frame the eyes and give your eyes more depth.

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