Tips for choosing the perfect bikini

Are you carrying weeks searching for the perfect bikini but none convince you? Here we want to give some tips and fashion advice to help you find the swimsuit that best suits your body.

perfect bikini

For small chest…
The perfect bikini for women with small breasts that will help you enhance your virtues. We recommend cheerful colors and added vitamins. You could even opt for flashy and exaggerated stripes, flowers, polka dots prints… And also by the fringes that will help to deflect the gaze. In addition, as it is obvious, bet for padded bras.

perfect bikini

For big chest…
If you have a large chest decides in favor of the models of V neck and halter neckline with washer and separation and good wide straps. This type of bikinis will help to enhance the bust while will make you look more stylish. Overall, discard with bright and bold colors, as well as triangle bikinis because they won’t look pretty for your front.

To cover belly…
For those who want to find a swimsuit that will help to hide belly, we recommend the life swimsuit. However, if you prefer to wear a bikini, pretty by those of high panties that will hold the belly hiding it and slim your figure. In addition, seek some bikini top that enhances your breast to grab the attention of all eyes. As a final tip, the black color will always help you to stylize.

For wide hips…
For women with wide hips, we recommend panties as simple: straight lines, no ties or washers and, if possible, high-waisted. So, you will achieve create the illusion of a flatter abdomen and a longer, slender legs. In addition, a handy trick to hide hips is to use a bold color and prints to the top of the bikini and a different, more neutral and subdued color, for the bottom. In this way, gets break with the whole and the hips are in the background.

The most important is to be sure of yourself and be clear for each body, there is a perfect bikini.

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