Tips for cocktail dress

One of the meetings or social gathering more top at present is the cocktail. Many times it is difficult to know how we get dressed, what is the most ideal for an event of this kind or how we draw attention without highlighting too. Therefore, we leave some etiquette tips to go perfect and appropriate to the one that is demanded.

cocktail dress

The first thing that we must know is that when we speak about a cocktail we are before a standing dinner where we will have to go dressed appropriately according to the subject-matter, location or purpose of the meeting. The good thing about attend it is that we have enough freedom in choosing costumes, bearing in mind that we will move from place to greet guests. But beware! Go comfortable does not mean going disheveled or too simple.

To go to a cocktail it is appropriate for short dress, a few centimeters below the knee, and wear fabrics that are cotton or silk and preferably smooth, if an afternoon event. It is very important that you know if it is an event that is in the morning or in the afternoon, because during the day will be able to take bolder colors and more daring patterns, while the afternoon or evening you will need more formal and with more subdued tones.

We encourage you with a pencil skirt and an elegant blouse for most coquettish, a tight pants and a blouse with patterns for the more daring or even a dress below the knee combined with a bright color. Remember that supplements or accessories should not be too flashy and in terms of shoes you can choose a high or medium dark heel.

A cocktail is a scenario where you have to make you see, so you do not worry too much anymore, open the closet and look for a dress or pants that allows you to go comfortable, daring and at the same time formal. It’s time to go out and succeed!

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