The animal print arrived a while ago to adorn the walkways and streets around the world, but there are still many girls who do not know the secret to use it correctly and lose simple mistakes like that.

using animal print

It is a very strong trend some time ago and still continues to be used with great force either zebras, tigers, leopards and panthers and be totally dark. The important thing is to know how to use them with style and impact and not attract attention but erroneously or burlesque because it was not known to use. There are many ways to learn to use the animal print; especially leopard is the most widely exhibited in all kinds of garments and accessories, all with the intent not to appear vulgar.

First you have attitude and whether it is good, because not all girls are attracted to and therefore do not use it. If the personality of a girl is very shy and introverted, nothing better than start to use this pattern with subtle accessories such as a belt in a dress or black pants. The detail is very subtle, simple and powerful, will also elegance. On the other hand you can do the same job with a minimal look in color and give a touch of difference on shoes. A recommended option may be some booties, along with skinny black pants or a black skirt.

The overcoats are the order of the day and more by the low temperatures and climate that exist in some countries, so nothing better than a coat or overcoat of animal print along with a striped blouse and trousers and a smooth tone.

For the more daring, you can go down the path of a coat or jacket with this detail and complete the look with a hat for the cold and a cross bag. Very easy but warm and above all, with style. To the fanatical of the makeup, you may not be able to express it very well in faces, because it will tend to be exaggerated or without care for aesthetic reasons, so you can choose a nice makeup and nail not necessarily handled classic tones like black, brown and yellow burnt, but that can innovate with other shades, but running the same pattern.

For windy days, rain or just to give an air of elegance, nothing better than to use a pashmina with animal print. You can even decorate your hair the same way, a headband or brooch with this decoration, you can be sensational, combined with a nice pair of earrings and a simple and soft makeup.

Finally, there are the daring girls, who do not put much attention to comments, but who know how to use and combine each garment. They are intended to fully stamp with animal print pants, a dress or an onesie.

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