Tips for makeup against heat

We love, but the arrival of heat can make our usual makeup disappear in seconds. We give you the tricks to that high temperature are not enemies of your look.

makeup against heat
We know that when summer coming out to take a shower immediately we are sweating again. And under these circumstances it is clear to dress up and makeovers can become a challenge, so a few tricks to do so effectively are not bad.

To begin investigate whether your foundation and concealer support a little cold without altering its properties. If so you can choose to place these two products is your refrigerator in a tightly sealed bag, while you shower or you’re getting ready. Then thoroughly clean face apply them, you’ll notice the difference immediately is that your face will be much more fresh control sweating.

You can apply this same trick with your daily moisturizer, a perfect alternative to help close the pores that are open during the summer too.

Make up with perspiration is terrible, so do not yield a meaningless nightmare and choose to do either in front of a fan or air conditioner on, just as you enlist. This will avoid leaving the house sweating like you’ve run the New York Marathon.

It is also good to make sure that you are not using a base too heavy or oily this time of year, because if the heat so it will cause that your face has more brightness than a freshly polished granite, something that you clearly don’t want to.

Another option infallible have on hand are anti-glare sheets to remove excess fat from the face, a perfect partner for warmer days. It is mattifying papers that help control the brightness of your face without the need for tweaking our makeup, a discovery that has to be part of your makeup kit much sooner!

Follow these tips and looks a good makeup regardless of the heat.

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